From replacing a fuse to changing the wiring, we have it all. Connect with JOBOY for expert electrical services in Canada.

Are electrical problems disrupting your routine? The circuit breaker could trip, or some tube lights may flicker. The insulation on wires may have worn off, or there could be rusting of the electric panels. Outdated wiring and faulty circuits are hazardous. Is finding an electrician during peak hours in Toronto difficult? Not anymore, JOBOY has it all covered.

JOBOY connects you to safe electrician services even at odd times, anywhere in Calgary.
Experienced electricians in and around Calgary and other areas of Canada have partnered with JOBOY to deliver timely electrical services at affordable rates. Prioritizing your safety, we offer services at late hours in  Canada. The electricians in Toronto are taken on board after a background verification by a third party. JOBOY gives upto seven days warranty for the repairs in Toronto. The service providers are also available in the key industrial areas of Toronto. The service team partnered with JOBOY provides on-demand service as per your convenience near you. Connect with us in Toronto and get efficient services at the best rates.

  1. Material charges will be additional. Customer can either purchase the material themselves or request the service partner to procure it. Time for material procurement will be charged as time spent on service.
  2. If user denies service delivery or reschedule service after partner arrives the users premises, user will be charged an inspection fee.
  3. Service provider may help you with quotation in case for long hour work schedules. You may please confirm the quotation before initiating work to avoid any conflict on service completion. In case you do not want to continue service, we will charge you asninspection charge.
  4. JOBOY offers 7 days warranty on repairs conducted by our electrician.
  5. JOBOY reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an order due to unavailability of service partner or over booking.

  1. When you book a service, Joboy assigns an electrician nearest to your location for the work. Kindly wait for the order confirmation.
  2. We will assign the nearest electrician possible. However their current job and traffic conditions may delay their arrival a little
  3. The service technician will contact you and get the details of the issue. They will also bring the tools and other equipment as foudn necessary. Be sure to give them the right information
  4. You may purchase the materials required before the scheduled time to avoid cost of purchase during service delivery. Our service partners will support you in purchase of materials, but the time taken for purchase will be added to the service charges.
  5. You can request a quote from the provder in case the work requires extended time. Service will be initiated on your approval in case of quote given by the provider.
  6. Our service agents will connect with you on service completion and will share the charges for the service. You have the provision to make payment online, however, it is advisable to select the payment mode while booking the service to avoid confusion.     

How do I ensure the authenticity of Electricians who deliver service at my place?

We send the experienced Electricians in Toronto near your location who has been verified by JOBOY team to deliver the service at your requested location

Do they charge amount for the time during material purchase during service delivery?

Yes, but our partner will ensure the purchase in minimum available time to get the purchase done. It is preferable to discuss with the Electricians and get the materials before the delivery to avoid such costs.  

What does happen if the provider spends more time at my place?

Our partners will try to deliver the services in minimum time to start the next work, the chrages are defined in such a way that they will loose money as the time increases. In case you want to continue for more hours, you can ask for a quote from the Electricians who visit your place.  

Is there a warranty for Electrical works?

Yes. We provide upto 7 days warranty on the services delivered by our electrician partners. In case the work is beyond the warranty scope they will charge the first unit amount as fee. 

Where all you offer services in Canada?

We offer services in and aroud Toronto and Calgary areas of Canada

Is your service available round the clock?

Yes, we offer services 24 x 7 and our customer care team will be available to support you with delivering services on all days.

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